(Mauj) and Bharti Telesoft Shaking Hands For Better Services

India-based mobile VAS company People Infocom (Mauj) and Bharti Telesoft Ltd, have joined hands for supplying wide range of services to its customers. Services like Astrology, Cricket Info, News, and Devotional Content. All this material will be delivered over a simple to use, browser-based interface, to encourage service uptake. This strategic partnership means a lot […]

Are you suffering from Ringxiety

Frequent mobile users are suffering from Ringxiety. Do you know what it is? Let me tell you. If you hear your mobile ringing but on checking it you release that you were just imagining it. Don’t think you have gone insane but this is called Rinxiety. A study conducted in the US has reported that […]

Honey Fights Aging

If you are tensed due to your growing age so stop doing it because now we have got a solution. Just take one spoon of honey everyday and you are done. Yes, according to scientists, honey could help counter the effects of aging of skin and decrease anxiety. According to the researches done person taking […]

McDonald’s fined for bolt in meal

  McDonald’s pleaded guilty at Dudley Megistrates court on Thursday to a charge of producing food which is not upto the standards. Due to the companies ignorance a customer chewed on the bolt, which was in his meal. at the outlet in Merry Hill 2006. According to the public it was a fair judgement and […]

Development of Enzymes which can Fight HIV by an Indian

Dr. Indrani Sarkar of India along with her team of scientists have developed an enzyme called Tre. Tre is a custom enzyme capable of detecting, recognising and destroying HIV, much like a pair of molecular scissors. Indrani started her PhD thesis, in 2002 at the max plank institute in Dresden, Germany. The enzyme that Indrani […]