Purse and bags

For a complete ghetto style, purses and handbags are must. Choose any size like big one to carry your little world with you or a small one to put your hair pins and cluture only. Make your choice from the wide range of styles  like tote, clutches, couture closet or a designesr bios, select any […]

Acne Problem

The most common skin problem among teenagers and young people is the problem Of acne and pimple. Oily skin are prone to acne problem like pimples, white head and blackheads. It reduced the beauty of face. Never try to remove, scratch or rub the pimple from your nails it will left a mark on your […]

Changing trend of kurta

The favorite outfit of Indian women is cool and stylish salwar kurta. Many varitions are followed in designing kurtas and payjmas. Some time short style kurta is in ,some time long one is high in demand. And the latest trend is kurti teamed with patiala salwar,trousers and jeans for more comfortable style and fashionable looks.various […]