Acne Problem

The most common skin problem among teenagers and young people is the problem Of acne and pimple. Oily skin are prone to acne problem like pimples, white head and blackheads. It reduced the beauty of face.

Never try to remove, scratch or rub the pimple from your nails it will left a mark on your face that will take longer time to restoreĀ one of the common reason of the acne is oily scalp and dandruff. Wash your hair regularly and never let your hair fall on your face it will only worsen the situation.

Follow your diet chart and mark if any particular eating habit effect it. Try to avoid oily food and prefer fruits and vegetables.

Remember such kind of problem are due to interrupted blood flow. Exercise regularly to solve such kind of problems.

Avoid touching your face it will only spread the infection.

Try to have good and sound sleep and avoid tensions it is not good for the health as well as for the skin. If possible try to avoid going out in sun. wash your face regularly with cold water for fresh look it will lessen then oily element of your skin.

Have at look at home remedies given at and you will find that there are natural methods too to get rid of problems like these.

If your skin problem is serious then consult a doctor and get some medical advice. You can choose oral or topical method or select homeopathy to cure it from the root of the problem.