Purse and bags

For a complete ghetto style, purses and handbags are must. Choose any size like big one to carry your little world with you or a small one to put your hair pins and cluture only. Make your choice from the wide range of styles  like tote, clutches, couture closet or a designesr bios, select any material like pure leather  or the imitated one or try chole clothing for stylish and trendy look.

Many high designers purses and bags are available in the market for fashion conscious people. Bags and purses are specially made to meet the requirement of their female customers.

The fashion of leather hand bag will never be out. Leather purses and bags are the real style statement. The story of the origin of leather handbags are quite interesting. This must one accessory of the modern women were originally used by the Egyption males to store their small  belongings and carry it on their shoulder. The era of fashionable leather purses and hand bags started in 17th century but it gain its fashion statement in the 19th century.
The world of purses and hand bags is quite wide. Many fashion labels like Prada, fendi ,D&G, Coach run their own line of bags and purses. If you are looking for the best material, designs and craftmanship go for the Prada high designer purse or designer coach purses and select from the wide variety of colors,and size and be the style statement.